Vert S – Unit and Currency Conversion

If you travel, you’ll know the importance of having a great currency conversion app. Vert is this, and more – you can also convert units such as weight, distance, and so much more. Vert updates the currency conversion rate whenever you get on the app, show history of conversion rates, and even add your own units.

Anker SoundBuds Slim – Brilliant Bluetooth Earbuds That Won’t Break your Wallet


Bluetooth earphones are becoming more and more mainstream, with more people opting into using them over wired earbuds. The great thing about bluetooth earbuds is that you don’t have a cable connected to your phone, which often gets in the way. However, bluetooth headphones are often expensive, coming in well over £50. The Anker SoundBuds Slim come in at only $25.99 or £15.99. The earbuds sound good, are water-resistant and will last you a day of use before needing charging.

Must Have Apps of 2017

With the release of iOS 11, the iPhone and iPad have become more powerful than ever. Apps have begone to take advantage of the more powerful OS and devices, and we’ve seen some desktop class apps and games appear on the App Store this year.

I’ve been using my iPad Air 2 for the past few years as my primary device. My programming, writing, work and even some gaming is done on it1. Below are the apps that I’ve used the most throughout the year, every day, and the hardware I’ve been using daily.

Study Less by Studying Smart


No one likes studying – it takes up time that you could be using to do something else, and it’s boring. However, you can cut down the amount of time you study by studying smart. This post is based on the hour long lecture on studying smart, which can be watched on YouTube here.

This post is a summary of the video for people who don’t want to spend an hour watching the whole thing if you don’t have time.

Mountie+ – Connect Your iPad as a Second Screen to Your Laptop


Many people want a second monitor for the computer, however the expensive price often puts people off. However, Duet Display allows you to use your iPad or iPhone as a second monitor. Mountie+ compliments that, allowing you to put your iPad beside your computer so it’s easier to use and view as a second monitor. It’s also great to use even if you want to use your iPad as a compliment to your computer, such as using Safari on it for research. The Mountie+ can take any iPad, from an iPad Pro 12.9 inch to an iPad Mini.

Bobby – Easily Track your Subscriptions

More and more apps and services are becoming subscription based now, so it’s more important than ever to track what you are spending your money on, and when it is going out of your account. Bobby helps you to do that – by adding your subscriptions, you can easily see where you money is going each month and see how long until you have to pay for that subscription.

Never Lose Anything Again with the New Chipolo Classic

Chipolo recently released an updated version of their Chipolo Classic model, with a longer battery life whilst still using the same low-cost battery that the older Chipolo Classic’s used to use. You can also get the Chipolo in six new colours, so that they are easy to spot and easier to distinguish in the app.

DraftCode – PHP on iPad

I’ve written a lot about how I program on my iPad, and DraftCode, an offline PHP development app for you iPad and iPhone, takes that to the next level. PHP code in the app is executed using the standard, open source PHP version 5.6.30 (at time of writing), and this includes all the extensions you typically use such as MySQL, FTP and XML. Another great feature of DraftCode is that it includes a WebKit preview of your code, so your app looks exactly like it would on Safari. The app will alert you of errors in your code, and you can also run your code when you are offline.

Never Run out of Charge with the Ghostek NRGmessenger Bag


It’s always handy to have a portable battery with you so you can charge your devices up when they are running low. The NRGmessenger bag by Ghostek has just this. With an integrated 16,000 mAH battery (enough to charge an iPad and an iPhone a couple of times over) inside the bag and cable routing throughout the bag, it’s easy to charge your devices when you are on the go. The bag even features an external USB port for charging your phone, and you can easily charge the battery up with an external input port. And it achieves all this whilst remaining waterproof.

Lumafusion – A Pro Video Editing App for iOS

Lumafusion is a video editing app for iOS designed for those used to the power of Adobe Premiere Pro on the desktop. On iPad, it’s difficult to find apps that suit pro video editors. iMovie is not a good example, having only a nice interface. Those who edit movies for a living or as a hobby and want to use the iPad as a main computer may struggle to find a good video editor. Until they find Lumafusion. The app is beautifully made with a clean interface that fits right into iOS, but has a lot of power underneath.