Mini Metro – A Beautiful Subway Strategy Game

Mini Metro is a management game that has a simple and fun interface. You manage a large city, and you need to make railways that connect stations together and transport passengers around to prevent overcrowding. It’s available for all major platforms, including iOS, Android and desktops.

Welcome to the new The Nerdy Student!


Welcome to the all new The Nerdy Student!

I’ve moved it over to self hosted WordPress, along with a nice new theme. Thanks to the donations that made it possible!

These are the new features:

You may notice some links don’t work on posts before this date – this is because the link has .html at the end, which isn’t needed now. Removing .html from the internal link you clicked should take you to the post.

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Site currently in migration


I’m currently migrating the site, so please allow time for everything to look right and all bugs to be fixed. The site works fine now – you can read all posts and comment.

Please email if you spot anything that should be fixed.

Thank you for hanging in as the website is updated!


Airserver – Mirror Your Phone to Your Computer

AirServer is an app for iPhone and iPad that lets you mirror your iPad or iPhone’s screen to your PC or Mac. After quickly installing a program on your Windows computer or Mac, you simply need to scan a QR code with your iPhone or iPad, and then you’ll start mirroring your devices screen to your computer.

How to Use Todoist Templates


Todoist is by far the best task manager I have ever used, and it has some very powerful features such as labels, filters and many more. Another feature that Todoist offers is the ability to import and export your projects into a template, allowing you to share that checklist and also easily duplicate it.

You might be wondering what the use of this is – it allows you to import projects again and again, such as a travel checklist, and means that you don’t have to make it each time. Another great use is sharing templates with your family, and many, many more. You can even export them as .cvs files and edit them in Excel, or export them as a web link to share to others.

Overcast – A Simple Podcast Player with Powerful Features

Many people listen to podcasts that cover a wide variety of subjects, from technology to comedy and everything in-between. Overcast is a podcast app for iOS that allows you to listen to your favourite podcasts offline or online on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Manage Your Subscriptions with Outflow

Many apps work on a subscription basis now, many of which are some of the largest and most popular apps and programs. However, one of the problems with app subscriptions is that it is quite difficult to track when subscriptions on various apps run out. I pay £0.79 a month for iCloud, which is a very low price, and I often forget about buying it. However, when I add my Evernote and Todoist Premium subscriptions, domain names and more, the price really adds up. It’s difficult to track when all of these things expire, as they are all based across different platforms, with different expiration dates, and different prices. It’s a struggle to get on top of all of these different subscriptions.

Outflow is a great solution to this problem – you can easily add apps, and then see how long until you need to pay for that subscription again. Outflow allows you to get notified based around your subscriptions renewal date, so you won’t forget to pay it again. Outflow has many more features, and is a great choice if you want an app to track your expenses.

Evernote Adds a New Feature That Automates Taking Meeting Notes


Evernote has just released a new public beta feature for Evernote Web, which allows you to quickly and easily take meeting notes that are pulled from your Google Calendar, and these notes are automatically filled in with location, time, description and participant information from your calendar.

A Look at iOS 11 on iPad


Yesterday, the Apple Keynote at WWDC took place, and iOS 11 was announced. iOS 11 comes packed full of great new features for the iPad, including drag and drop, a dock, and many more improvements and changes.

I will be concentrating on the major iPad updates in this post, as that’s where the most change is, and it’s most likely what will interest people the most.

Steelseries Nimbus – The Best Controller for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV

Gaming is one of the most popular things, and mobile devices are a great way to play games. The Steelseries Nimbus is a Mfi controller for all Apple devices – from the iPhone to the Apple TV, the Steelseries Nimbus allows you to control your favourite games with a Xbox or PS4 like controller.

I’ve been using the Steelseries Nimbus to control all of my favourite games since I received it, and I’ve found that games are really enhanced by using a controller. If you play a lot of games on your iPad, iPhone and Apple TV, you want to check out the Steelseries Nimbus.