Never Lose Anything Again with the New Chipolo Classic

Chipolo recently released an updated version of their Chipolo Classic model, with a longer battery life whilst still using the same low-cost battery that the older Chipolo Classic’s used to use. You can also get the Chipolo in six new colours, so that they are easy to spot and easier to distinguish in the app.

DraftCode – PHP on iPad

I’ve written a lot about how I program on my iPad, and DraftCode, an offline PHP development app for you iPad and iPhone, takes that to the next level. PHP code in the app is executed using the standard, open source PHP version 5.6.30 (at time of writing), and this includes all the extensions you typically use such as MySQL, FTP and XML. Another great feature of DraftCode is that it includes a WebKit preview of your code, so your app looks exactly like it would on Safari. The app will alert you of errors in your code, and you can also run your code when you are offline.

Never Run out of Charge with the Ghostek NRGmessenger Bag


It’s always handy to have a portable battery with you so you can charge your devices up when they are running low. The NRGmessenger bag by Ghostek has just this. With an integrated 16,000 mAH battery (enough to charge an iPad and an iPhone a couple of times over) inside the bag and cable routing throughout the bag, it’s easy to charge your devices when you are on the go. The bag even features an external USB port for charging your phone, and you can easily charge the battery up with an external input port. And it achieves all this whilst remaining waterproof.

Lumafusion – A Pro Video Editing App for iOS

Lumafusion is a video editing app for iOS designed for those used to the power of Adobe Premiere Pro on the desktop. On iPad, it’s difficult to find apps that suit pro video editors. iMovie is not a good example, having only a nice interface. Those who edit movies for a living or as a hobby and want to use the iPad as a main computer may struggle to find a good video editor. Until they find Lumafusion. The app is beautifully made with a clean interface that fits right into iOS, but has a lot of power underneath.

Aukey KM-G6 Keyboard Review


The Aukey KM-G6 is a mechanical keyboard made for those on a budget. Featuring LED backlight keys with lighting animations and gaming lighting configurations, and also having a full mechanical keyset, the Aukey KM-G6 is a great keyboard for anyone who wants a full blown mechanical keyboard at an affordable price.

Adonit Pixel Review


The Adonit Pixel is a smart stylus for iOS that uses bluetooth to connect to your iOS device. Made out of brushed aluminium, the stylus looks right at home next to the iPad and iPhone, and with palm rejection and pressure sensitivity, it has all the features that you’ll ever need. The stylus also features two shortcut buttons that allow you to quickly do functions, such as undo and redo.

Yoink – A Shelf for Storing Temporary Files and Content

Drag and drop has changed the way many people work on their iPads and iPhone. One of those ways is drag and drop, which allows you to drag files, images and other content types into a different app, like you do on Windows, macOS and other desktop operating systems.

Yoink simplifies the drag and drop experience on iOS by providing a shelf that allows you to temporarily store items such as documents, images, videos and more, allowing you to free your fingers from dragging these things around. Yoink is a convenient shelf that allows users to drag in contents and then do something else, whilst being able to easily access the files stored in Yoink.

Adonit Pro 3 – A Stylus For Any Touchscreen

The Adonit Pro 3 is an analog stylus that offers precise writing and drawing on any touchscreen device. Adonit make a wide range of styluses, from the standard mesh tipped to the most advanced bluetooth ones on the market. The great thing with the Adonit Pro 3 is that it is simply accurate on any device you use it on, whether that is an iPad or a Surface tablet.

A Quick Look At Zipped – Easily Manage Zip Files on iOS

Zipped is a simple iOS app that uses drag and drop to manage zip files on your iPad. By simply selecting and dragging files over to zipped, you can create and name the .zip file, and then save it somewhere in the Files app. Unzipping a file is similar – simply drag it in, and then choose where to save it.

Zipped is a great, simple utility that just works without any unwanted bells and whistles.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit review


The iFixit toolkit is perfect for anyone who finds themselves repairing their electronic devices, such as phone, games console or computer. The kit includes a precision screwdriver with a 64 bit driver set, items for opening phone screens, tweezers and pliers, and anything you could think of that would aid in repairing your device.