SwiftKey – A Less Frustrating Way To Type on Android and iOS

When I first got my Android phone, it used Google’s Indic keyboard, which was a little bit of a mess, and I didn’t want a keyboard made for typing Chinese. So, I replaced it with SwiftKey, an app that appealed to me because it boasted great autocorrect, and it has typing stats – and I love stats.

SwiftKey is packed with features – from swiping to type to predicted emoji, it offers lots of things that the default Android keyboard doesn’t.

Apple September 2017 Event Summary – The iPhone X, iPhone 8 and Apple Watch


The Apple September 2017 event just aired, and here is a summary of all the new announcements, with the new iPhone lineup and an independent Apple Watch.

Fantastical 2 Review

Fantastical 2 is a fast and easy to use calendar and reminders app, that integrates with the calendar accounts set up on the built-in iOS Calendar apps and the reminders app. With natural language inputs, snooze for alerts and night mode, Fantastical 2 has many features that will interest people who are looking to get more out of their calendar and reminders.

Download Entire Pages on iOS with Offline Pages

Offline Pages allows you to download entire pages as you see them on Safari, with all formatting, documents and embedded videos, so you can view them wherever you are offline1. With clever features such as auto update, intelligent link connection and more, Offline Pages is the best solution to view pages offline.

My Android Home Screen


Recently I did an iOS homescreen post, showcasing all the apps I had on my iPad. I don’t actually use iOS on my phone, I use an Android phone (I’m hoping to get an iPhone later this year too) so today I thought that I would showcase what’s in my Android homescreen. The order is row to row, left to right.

A Look at The Shelf – An App for Dragging and Dropping on iOS 11

I recently joined the beta to test out an app called The Shelf. If you don’t know, iOS 11 introduced a feature that allows you to drag and drop different types of text, files, maps and much more across apps. The Shelf is meant to be a place where you can temporary store your stuff before moving it to the location you want to move it to. For example, if I find an image I want to send to someone by email, I want to be able to find that image again easily without having to scroll through my image library for hours to find it. So, I simply drag it into The Shelf, compose the email, and then drag it out of The Shelf into the email.

The Shelf at first glance is just a temporary place to store your text. However, it does have a lot of useful features, so let’s get into them.

Find out what iOS 11 adds to iPad here.

Write! – The Only Text Editor You Need For Distraction-Free Writing

If you are looking for an editor for Windows, macOS and Linux, look no further. Write! is a workspace that allows you to create notes, essays, writing projects and any kind of text. With a clutter-free interface, Write! has all the features that you’d expect to find on a word processor. Write! allows you to backup your documents to the cloud on their secure server, so you’ll never lose them again, and it also has some powerful document tracking features, along with sessions, notes and much, much more.

How to record videos on iOS 11


iOS 11 has added video recording natively, so it’s really easy to enable video recording and start recording videos on your iPad and iPhone without anything else. You can record device audio along with microphone audio, so it’s perfect for making videos on apps and a video if you want to help someone else use an app.

The above video is a 10 second video to show you how to set up video recording on iOS 11.

(Note that this video was taken on iOS public beta 6, so by the final release it may change a little)

My iPad Home Screen


I’d thought I would share my iPad home screen. I’m currently on the iOS 11 beta, so I’ve got my most used apps in the dock. I’m also using an iPad Air 2, so I can thirteen apps in the dock (excluding the three suggested apps). The apps are listed by row, left to right on landscape mode.

Want to know more about iOS 11 on iPad? Check out this post with all the best iPad features in iOS 11.

An Android home screen is coming soon!

V for Wiki – Wikipedia Better Than Ever

V for Wiki is a beautifully made Wikipedia reader for iOS and the Apple Watch. Wikipedia is a great resource for information, however it doesn’t look great and the large paragraphs of text can often make it hard to read. V for Wiki has a beautiful layout and typography that will make you love reading Wikipedia again.