TCG: Take out opponents with Marowak

    Marowak is a card not to be taken lightly.

    Marowak comes from HS – Triumphant extension pack, number 44/103. It is uncommon.

    It has 90 HP, and two moves. It is weak to Water, and resistant to Electric type moves. Its retreat cost is one Colourless energy.

    > Moves

    Marowak is armed with two extremely powerful moves: Bonemerang and Bone Impact.

    Bonemerang is Marowak most powerful move when there is no Stadium card in play. It does 60 damage, times the number of heads you get. So, if you’re lucky and you get two heads, the move does 120 damage.

    Bone Impact is great if the opponent has a vital Stadium card in play. The move does 20 damage plus 60 if a Stadium card is in play. The Stadium card then has to be discarded, which means that you might mess up your opponents strategy.

    So, you might want to consider adding Marowak to your deck.

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    Launchy, a Great Application Launcher for Windows

    Launchy is a great application which will allow you to open documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes.

    With Launchy, you can open anything from applications to files. To use it, just hit Alt + Space on your keyboard to bring it up and start typing the name of what you want. Then, hit enter to open the program or file.

    Another great feature is all the skins and plugins which can be added to Launchy.

    The Dash skin for Launchy

    Launchy is a great program for quickly opening programs and files, and I recommend you check it out.

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    Pokémon in the Spotlight: Farfetch’d!


      Farfetch’d is a Flying and Normal type Pokémon.

      > Strategy guide

           – Stats

      To be blunt, Farfetch’d has rubbish stats, which are evenly laid out.
      At Lv. 50At Lv. 100
      112 – 159214 – 308
      63 – 128121 – 251
      54 – 117103 – 229
      56 – 121108 – 236
      60 – 125116 – 245
      58 – 123112 – 240
      Total:352 Thanks to Bulbapedia! 
      • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVsIVs of 0, and a hindering nature, if applicable.
      • Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a helpful nature, if applicable.
      • This Pokémon’s  Special  base stat in Generation I was 58.

           – Suggested moveset

      • Swords Dance
      • Brave Bird
      • Leaf Blade
      • Quick Attack
      Swords Dance will boost Farfetch’d’s attack stat. Brave Bird is Farfetch’d’s most powerful move, and Leaf Blade gives you an edge over Rock type Pokémon. Quick Attack enables Farfetch’d to take out weakened opponents before the opponent will KO Farfetch’d (which is probably going to happen).

           – Type defenses

      All in all, you might not want to try Farfetch’d out. Its not one of the best Pokémon (in fact it is probably one of the worst).
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      Capture Sites with the Evernote Web Clipper

        Evernote is a great tool that can be used for everything such as a task manager or saving recipes. 
        The Evernote Web Clipper is a great tool that can be used to clip content from any website into your Evernote account. 

        Want to save content about Nasa releasing Pluto images into Evernote? Simply click on the Evernote Web Clipper icon. Then, you can select how you want it to clip. My favorite is the ‘Article Mode’. Then, you can select the notebook that it will go into, and add tags and a remark.

        The Evernote Web Clipper
        Evernote has made the Web Clipper work better for Amazon (US only), Gmail, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

        Clipping from YouTube

        All in all, the Evernote Web Clipper is a great tool for adding important websites to your account, as well as saving bookmarks and videos.

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        TCG: Wreck Your Opponent with Haunter

          Haunter can take out your opponents Pokémon even if their on the bench.

          Haunter comes from the Platinum – Arceus extension pack, and is number 41/111. It is uncommon.

          Haunter has 70 HP, and is Psychic. It is weak to Dark Pokémon and has a resistance to Colourless moves.

          > Moves

          Haunter has one move which is Tongue Spring. This move requires one Psychic energy and one Colourless energy. Tongue Spring enables you to choose one of your opponents, from the Bench or the Active Pokémon.
          Haunter has a Poké-Body which is Hidden Poison. If Haunter is attacked, the Pokémon which attacked it gets poisoned.
          All in all, Haunter is a very powerful Pokémon even though it might not look like one.
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          Quickly share images and gifs with Gyazo

          Gyazo is a great tool for quickly sharing images and gifs with your friends, family and colleagues. 

          Have you ever been using a program and wanted to take a screenshot and share it in the space of mere seconds? Well, with Gyazo you can!

          After downloading the program, simply start it up. It stays running in the tray. Then, press Ctrl + Shift + C to take a screenshot. Then, after a few seconds, a new tab will open and you can copy and paste the link into social media, chat, mail or more. If you don’t want the tab to open and still get the link copied onto your clipboard, simply hold down shift when dragging the mouse.

          You can also take gifs with Gyazo. Just hold down Ctrl + Shift + G. After you have recorded want you want to, just press the tick button and it is automatically uploaded.

          A gif uploaded with Gyazo

          Gyazo enables you to share images and gifs extremely quickly, and not have to wait for them to upload.

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          Gym in the Spotlight: Fortree City

            Fortree City’s gym is a flying type gym, so you will want Electric, Ice and Rock Pokémon (a Fire type would also be strongly recommended).

            The Gym cannot be reached when you first arrive in the city, as an invisible barrier blocks you from entering the door. You need the Devon Scope from Steve (he can be found on route 120) to be able to access the Gym. Below is a detailed guide of the trainers Pokémon and the Gym Leaders Pokémon (Winona).
            There are 4 trainers you need to defeat before encountering the Gym Leader. After defeating them all and when you have found your way through the gym, you get to battle Winona.

            > Winona

            Swablu (Lvl. 29) – Normal / Flying
            Tropius (Lvl. 29) – Grass / Flying
            Pelipper (Lvl. 30) – Water / Flying
            Skarmory (Lvl. 32) – Steel / Flying
            Altaria (Lvl. 33) – Dragon / Flying
            You will need more than just Electric, Ice and Rock Pokémon to easily beat Winona. You can do super effective damage to her Skarmory and Tropius with a Fire type Pokémon. Don’t use an Ice move against Pelipper and Skarmory as it will not be super effective. Take out Pelipper with an Electric move, as this is four time effective.
            Altaria is one of the hardest Pokémon to defeat, as it is not weak to Electric type moves. Altaria usually uses Dragon Dance twice before using Earthquake, so it might be wise to switch to a flying type Pokémon. Winona will keep using hyper potions to keep Altaria alive, so you will want to burn or poison it.
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            Evernote as a Task Manager

            How to use Evernote to manage large tasks and todos.

            Evernote is a great tool which can be used for nearly everything, from simply taking notes to tracking your expenses. Another use of Evernote is as a task manager. You need an Evernote and an IFTTT account. Evernote is great for managing large tasks and projects and you can use the note space for all the stuff you need; from docs to text. Below are some simple steps on how to set up Evernote as a task manager.

            > Getting the Daily Journal

            The daily journal is the note that appears in your default notebook every day. You use it to place the task links, events and more in. It is the key part to using Evernote as a task manager. To get this, you need an IFTTT account. The recipe is below.

            IFTTT Recipe: Evernote morning routine for students connects date-time to evernote

            The daily journal note

            > Setting up the Notebooks

            You need five notebooks to be the containers for your tasks:

            • !Due Today
            • !This Week
            • !Upcoming
            • !Waiting for
            • Archive

                      – ‘!Due Today’ Notebook

            The ‘!Due Today’ notebook is the notebook where you put all the tasks that you need (or want) to complete today. When you have selected the tasks you want, you copy and paste the note link into your journal note. You then put a checkbox in front of it. For each note, add a reminder. When the task is done, you tick it off the journal note, tick the reminder, and move the note/task into the ‘Archive’ notebook.

            The daily journal note with I task from the ‘!Due Today’ notebook

                      – ‘!This Week’ Notebook

            This notebook is where you put all the tasks you can complete after you have completed the tasks in the ‘!Due Today’ notebook, but which are not urgent.

                      – ‘!Upcoming’ Notebook

            The ‘!Upcoming’ notebook is where you put all the tasks which you have scheduled.

                      – ‘Archive’ Notebook

            This notebook is where all your completed tasks will be placed.

            > The Daily Routine

                      – Morning

            Each morning, at 7:00 AM, I sync Evernote and the journal note appears. I highlight the first five items, and then press the checklist button. Then, I click on the tasks stack. I can see all the reminders, and if there any in my ‘!Due Today’ notebook, and any that I want or need to complete today, I move them to the ‘!Due Today’ notebook. I then copy the note link into the journal note, and add a checkbox. I do this for every note in the ‘!Due Today’ notebook. If I have any events during they day, I bullet point them and add the name and time.

            A note with an event

                      – During the day

            Throughout the day, after I have completed the tasks, I tick them off. I then tick off the note reminder, and move it to the ‘Archive’ notebook.

                      – In the evening

            Just before I close my computer, I write Notes edited on {date} in the journal note, and then put a horizontal rule. I then use my saved search (updated:day-0 -tag:task) to get all of the notes that I edited on that day. Wednesday was not a very busy day, and therefore only IFTTT recipe notes were in there. If you want to do this, I would advise that you tag each task with the tag ‘task’, so it does not show up in the saved search. I then move the journal note into my ‘.Timeline’ notebook.

            The edited notes section

            Then, every day I repeat this process.

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            Pokémon in the Spotlight: Remoraid!


              Remoraid is a fish Pokémon which evolves into Octillery. It is a Water type.

              > Strategy Guide

                   – Stats

              Remoraid Attack and Sp. Attack stats are higher then its defense. Its Speed is also high. This suggests that Remoraid is an offensive Pokémon.

              At Lv. 50At Lv. 100
              95 – 142180 – 274
              63 – 128121 – 251
              36 – 9567 – 185
              63 – 128121 – 251
              36 – 9567 – 185
              63 – 128121 – 251
              Total:300  Thanks to Bulbapedia!
              • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVsIVs of 0, and a hindering nature, if applicable.
              • Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a helpful nature, if applicable.

                   – Suggested Moveset

              • Water Spout
              • Hydro Pump
              • Fire Blast
              • Ice Beam
              Water Spout is the most powerful move in the game when Remoraid’s HP is full. Hydro Pump is also very strong, and this means that when Remoraid’s HP is reduced you still have a powerful move. Fire Blast allows you to hit Grass and Steel types with a super effective move, bringing down the types which may be super effective and hit your Remoraid hard. Ice Beam will enable you to hit Flying and Dragon types hard.

                  – Type Defenses

              Remoraid is a very good basic Pokémon, and would be a great addition to any team.
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              The Pros and Cons of Becoming Paperless

              Should you make the move to become paperless?

              Paper is a great thing. We use it every day, and it does not run out of battery, lose data, and it is easy to access. But with technology is becoming easier to access, you may be wanting to make the move to become paperless. You can buy a scanner to scan it all in, or download an app on your phone or tablet. Below are some pros and cons of becoming paperless.

              > Pros

              • You will have less to carry around, as it will all be on your phone, laptop and tablet.
              • You will never lose it – it could be stored on the cloud, locally or using a service such as Evernote.
              • It can be searchable – if you use a service such as Evernote or OneNote or any other service which has OCR, you can search and find all your docs with your search terms on.
              • It can’t be damaged – if you’ve ever experienced spilling a drink on some important work, if your paperless, you won’t have to experience it if you are paperless.

              > Cons

              • Running out of battery – if you have no battery, you would not be able to access your docs
              • Hard drive crash – if you store all your data locally, and experience a dreaded hard drive crash, you would lose all your scans. This is why you should use something you can use on all devices.
              • Accessibility – would you really want to walk around a risky city with your phone or tablet in your hand? In some places, you will not (or won’t want to) take your device out.
              • Being offline – if you store your notes in the cloud, you might not be able to access them if they are offline. If you use Evernote, you can only access your notes offline if you are Plus or Premium.

              So, as seen above, there are both pros and cons off becoming paperless. If you decide to become paperless, make sure you have chosen an area to save your scans that can be accessible on every device you use, and that your scans can be saved for offline use (if required). If you want them to be searchable, I recommend you try out Evernote.

              Thanks for reading!

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