Gym in the Spotlight: Fortree City

    Fortree City’s gym is a flying type gym, so you will want Electric, Ice and Rock Pokémon (a Fire type would also be strongly recommended).

    The Gym cannot be reached when you first arrive in the city, as an invisible barrier blocks you from entering the door. You need the Devon Scope from Steve (he can be found on route 120) to be able to access the Gym. Below is a detailed guide of the trainers Pokémon and the Gym Leaders Pokémon (Winona).
    There are 4 trainers you need to defeat before encountering the Gym Leader. After defeating them all and when you have found your way through the gym, you get to battle Winona.

    > Winona

    Swablu (Lvl. 29) – Normal / Flying
    Tropius (Lvl. 29) – Grass / Flying
    Pelipper (Lvl. 30) – Water / Flying
    Skarmory (Lvl. 32) – Steel / Flying
    Altaria (Lvl. 33) – Dragon / Flying
    You will need more than just Electric, Ice and Rock Pokémon to easily beat Winona. You can do super effective damage to her Skarmory and Tropius with a Fire type Pokémon. Don’t use an Ice move against Pelipper and Skarmory as it will not be super effective. Take out Pelipper with an Electric move, as this is four time effective.
    Altaria is one of the hardest Pokémon to defeat, as it is not weak to Electric type moves. Altaria usually uses Dragon Dance twice before using Earthquake, so it might be wise to switch to a flying type Pokémon. Winona will keep using hyper potions to keep Altaria alive, so you will want to burn or poison it.
    Thanks for reading!
    Feel free to comment on what gym you want next, and how you found the Fortree City gym!

    Evernote as a Task Manager

    How to use Evernote to manage large tasks and todos.

    Evernote is a great tool which can be used for nearly everything, from simply taking notes to tracking your expenses. Another use of Evernote is as a task manager. You need an Evernote and an IFTTT account. Evernote is great for managing large tasks and projects and you can use the note space for all the stuff you need; from docs to text. Below are some simple steps on how to set up Evernote as a task manager.

    > Getting the Daily Journal

    The daily journal is the note that appears in your default notebook every day. You use it to place the task links, events and more in. It is the key part to using Evernote as a task manager. To get this, you need an IFTTT account. The recipe is below.

    IFTTT Recipe: Evernote morning routine for students connects date-time to evernote

    The daily journal note

    > Setting up the Notebooks

    You need five notebooks to be the containers for your tasks:

    • !Due Today
    • !This Week
    • !Upcoming
    • !Waiting for
    • Archive

              – ‘!Due Today’ Notebook

    The ‘!Due Today’ notebook is the notebook where you put all the tasks that you need (or want) to complete today. When you have selected the tasks you want, you copy and paste the note link into your journal note. You then put a checkbox in front of it. For each note, add a reminder. When the task is done, you tick it off the journal note, tick the reminder, and move the note/task into the ‘Archive’ notebook.

    The daily journal note with I task from the ‘!Due Today’ notebook

              – ‘!This Week’ Notebook

    This notebook is where you put all the tasks you can complete after you have completed the tasks in the ‘!Due Today’ notebook, but which are not urgent.

              – ‘!Upcoming’ Notebook

    The ‘!Upcoming’ notebook is where you put all the tasks which you have scheduled.

              – ‘Archive’ Notebook

    This notebook is where all your completed tasks will be placed.

    > The Daily Routine

              – Morning

    Each morning, at 7:00 AM, I sync Evernote and the journal note appears. I highlight the first five items, and then press the checklist button. Then, I click on the tasks stack. I can see all the reminders, and if there any in my ‘!Due Today’ notebook, and any that I want or need to complete today, I move them to the ‘!Due Today’ notebook. I then copy the note link into the journal note, and add a checkbox. I do this for every note in the ‘!Due Today’ notebook. If I have any events during they day, I bullet point them and add the name and time.

    A note with an event

              – During the day

    Throughout the day, after I have completed the tasks, I tick them off. I then tick off the note reminder, and move it to the ‘Archive’ notebook.

              – In the evening

    Just before I close my computer, I write Notes edited on {date} in the journal note, and then put a horizontal rule. I then use my saved search (updated:day-0 -tag:task) to get all of the notes that I edited on that day. Wednesday was not a very busy day, and therefore only IFTTT recipe notes were in there. If you want to do this, I would advise that you tag each task with the tag ‘task’, so it does not show up in the saved search. I then move the journal note into my ‘.Timeline’ notebook.

    The edited notes section

    Then, every day I repeat this process.

    Thanks for reading!

    What do you use Evernote for, and what do you think of it? Feel free to share in the comments below!

    Pokémon in the Spotlight: Remoraid!


      Remoraid is a fish Pokémon which evolves into Octillery. It is a Water type.

      > Strategy Guide

           – Stats

      Remoraid Attack and Sp. Attack stats are higher then its defense. Its Speed is also high. This suggests that Remoraid is an offensive Pokémon.

      At Lv. 50At Lv. 100
      95 – 142180 – 274
      63 – 128121 – 251
      36 – 9567 – 185
      63 – 128121 – 251
      36 – 9567 – 185
      63 – 128121 – 251
      Total:300  Thanks to Bulbapedia!
      • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVsIVs of 0, and a hindering nature, if applicable.
      • Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a helpful nature, if applicable.

           – Suggested Moveset

      • Water Spout
      • Hydro Pump
      • Fire Blast
      • Ice Beam
      Water Spout is the most powerful move in the game when Remoraid’s HP is full. Hydro Pump is also very strong, and this means that when Remoraid’s HP is reduced you still have a powerful move. Fire Blast allows you to hit Grass and Steel types with a super effective move, bringing down the types which may be super effective and hit your Remoraid hard. Ice Beam will enable you to hit Flying and Dragon types hard.

          – Type Defenses

      Remoraid is a very good basic Pokémon, and would be a great addition to any team.
      Thanks for reading!
      Feel free to comment with what Pokémon you want next, and what you think about Remoraid!

      The Pros and Cons of Becoming Paperless

      Should you make the move to become paperless?

      Paper is a great thing. We use it every day, and it does not run out of battery, lose data, and it is easy to access. But with technology is becoming easier to access, you may be wanting to make the move to become paperless. You can buy a scanner to scan it all in, or download an app on your phone or tablet. Below are some pros and cons of becoming paperless.

      > Pros

      • You will have less to carry around, as it will all be on your phone, laptop and tablet.
      • You will never lose it – it could be stored on the cloud, locally or using a service such as Evernote.
      • It can be searchable – if you use a service such as Evernote or OneNote or any other service which has OCR, you can search and find all your docs with your search terms on.
      • It can’t be damaged – if you’ve ever experienced spilling a drink on some important work, if your paperless, you won’t have to experience it if you are paperless.

      > Cons

      • Running out of battery – if you have no battery, you would not be able to access your docs
      • Hard drive crash – if you store all your data locally, and experience a dreaded hard drive crash, you would lose all your scans. This is why you should use something you can use on all devices.
      • Accessibility – would you really want to walk around a risky city with your phone or tablet in your hand? In some places, you will not (or won’t want to) take your device out.
      • Being offline – if you store your notes in the cloud, you might not be able to access them if they are offline. If you use Evernote, you can only access your notes offline if you are Plus or Premium.

      So, as seen above, there are both pros and cons off becoming paperless. If you decide to become paperless, make sure you have chosen an area to save your scans that can be accessible on every device you use, and that your scans can be saved for offline use (if required). If you want them to be searchable, I recommend you try out Evernote.

      Thanks for reading!

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      TCG: Beat your opponents with Seviper!

        Seviper is a Pokémon which can add an edge to your game.

        This card can be found in the EX Power Keepers. It is number 23/108. It is a Rare card.

        Seviper has 70 HP, a grass type and a basic Pokémon. It has no Poké-Body. It is weak to Psychic type Pokémon, and does not have a resistance.

        > Moves

        Seviper’s first move is Sharp Fang. It does 10 damage. This move is not amazing, but its good to use when building up energy for Seviper’s next move, Toxic. Toxic poisons the opponent, and instead of adding one damage counter to the opponent’s Pokémon between turns, two are added. Therefore, after poisoning your opponent, you might want to retreat Seviper to your bench (keep in mind that this will cost you an energy card).

        Seviper is a great card that can prepare your stronger Pokémon for a quick kill, or if you are on your last legs. Try it in your deck and see how it goes!

        Thanks for reading!

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        Customize Your Desktop with Rainmeter

        Rainmeter is a free tool for desktop customisation.

        Rainmeter is a free application for Windows which allows you to customise your desktop. You may think that you can do this with the Gadgets which are built into Windows, but Rainmeter allows you to go far beyond these basic tools.

        You can download hundreds of free skins, and you can combine them or choose a layout.

        You can have gadgets showing the weather, your unread emails, feeds, the music you are playing and many, many more. You can have it simple or complex. Most themes can be found on deviantArt, but here is a full list of them.

        The most popular skins are Enigma and Elegance. If you would like to know what skins I have used, feel free to comment!

        All in all, Rainmeter is a great tool for making your desktop look better and be more functional.

        Thanks for reading!

        Feel free to comment below with your opinion!

        Pokémon in the Spotlight: Goomy!

          Gloomy is a pile of goo which looks like a slug. It is widely considered as the worst Dragon type Pokémon, which is one of the reasons I chose it! Goomy is a Dragon type.
          Goomy evolves into Sliggoo, which then evolves into Goodra.

          > Strategy Guide

               – Stats

          Goomy has high Special Attack and Defense stats. This means that it is well-rounded in the ‘Special’ area.
          At Lv. 50At Lv. 100
          105 – 152200 – 294
          49 – 11294 – 218
          36 – 9567 – 185
          54 – 117103 – 229
          72 – 139139 – 273
          40 – 10176 – 196
          Total:300  Thanks to Bulbapedia!
          • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVsIVs of 0, and a hindering nature, if applicable.
          • Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a helpful nature, if applicable.

               – Suggested Moveset

          • Dragon Pulse
          • Hidden Power (this would be Fighting type)
          • Rest
          • Sleep Talk
          An Eviolite would be a good choice for Goomy, as it a NFE (Not Fully Evolved) Pokémon. The Eviolite boosts Defense and Special Defense of the holder by 50%, but only if it is a NFE Pokémon.
          Dragon Pulse is Goomy’s major move, as it has 85 power, and can do good damage to other Dragon type Pokémon. Hidden Power is also another good choice, as it is Fighting type, which means that you can get good damage on Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark and Steel Pokémon. If you Goomy is low on HP, you can use Rest, which heals it, and also removes status problems. You can then use Sleep Talk to use a random move, which will make sure that Goomy is not helpless whilst asleep.

               – Type Defenses

          If Goomy has the Sap Sipper ability, then Grass will not be effective.
          Goomy is a great Pokémon if it has the right ability and moves. I would not recommend putting it in your competitive team, but it is a fun Pokémon to play with.
          Thanks for reading!
          Feel free to comment with what Pokémon you want next, and what you think about Goomy!

          Save Time with Do!

          The Do apps are a collection of apps made by IFTTT.

          You might have read my previous post about IFTTT. If you already use IFTTT, or have seen Do apps on the Appstore, you might know what I am writing about.

          The Do collection contains three apps, all which can be downloaded separately. The apps are Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note. They are currently available on iOS and Android.

          On each app, you can have unlimited recipes, and you change between them by swiping. This means that you can easily and quickly change the recipe you want to use.

          The apps have all of the Channels IFTTT has many of the popular channels such as Dropbox, Evernote and OneDrive. This means you can still use your favorite services with the Do apps.

          > Do Button

          Do Button allows you to set up a trigger which allows you to do something at the tap of a button. You can enable or disable your houses alarm, you can turn your heating on or off, you can send a clip of your location to Evernote, and you can also make your own recipes or use thousands of the public ones already published. Check out my favorite recipes below:

          IFTTT Recipe: Log a map of your location connects do-button to evernote

          > Do Camera

          Do Camera is probably my favorite out of the three apps. It allows you to take photos and automate what you might manually do next. My favorite recipe is where the images are automatically sent to the email addresses you place in the ‘Send to’ box, in which I have placed my close family members email addresses in. This means I can take a photo, and it will automatically send it to my dad and mum. So, instead of taking it with the native camera app, opening email, attempting to attach the image, typing the emails into the address bar, and then tapping send, I can tap once and it is sent. You can check out my favorite recipes below:

          IFTTT Recipe: Share family-friendly pics over email connects do-camera to gmail

          IFTTT Recipe: Save pics in Dropbox connects do-camera to dropbox

          > Do Note

          Do Note allows you to quickly type out a note and then tweet it, email it, add it to Evernote (or your favorite notetaking app), or any other services Do is integrated with. Check out the ones I love below:

          IFTTT Recipe: Save short notes on the fly connects do-note to evernote

          IFTTT Recipe: Post a quick tweet connects do-note to twitter

          All in all, I think that the Do apps are great for saving time. I would recommend that you try them out.

          Thanks for reading!

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          TCG: Strengthen Your Deck with Muk!

            Muk is a Pokémon that can add an edge to your card game.

            This version of the Muk is in the Platinum Series: 57/133. It is a uncommon card.

            Muk is Lv. 49, and has a HP 100. It is weak to poison, and costs three energy cards of any type to retreat. To use Muk in your deck, you’ll need to obtain a Grimer.

            > Moves and Poké-Body

            Muk has two moves; Strange Poison and Strange Sludge. Both moves require at least one Poison energy card, and another energy card which can be anything. If you know how to use Muk properly, it could be a brilliant late game changer.

            Muk’s first move is Strange Poison. It does 30 damage, and then a coin is flipped. If the coin lands on heads, your opponents Pokémon is poisoned. This means 10 health is subtracted every one of your opponents moves. If the coin lands on tails, Muk, your Pokémon, is poisoned. This may sound bad, but Muks Poké-Body will boost your health, and there is an even better advantage with having Muk poisioned.

            Muk’s Poké-Body is Sludge Cell, which means that if Muk remains affected by any Special Conditions between turns, your remove two of the damage counters on Muk. This means that after your go, if Muk still has a special condition, you can remove 20 health from it. Therefore, it might be better having Muk poisoned then not poisoned.

            Muk’s second move is Strange Sludge. This move does 50 damage, and does 20 more and confuses the opponents Pokémon if Muk is poisoned. Therefore, you might just want to have Muk poisoned.

            All in all, Muk is a great Pokémon, and it’s even better poisoned! Muk is one of the Pokémon I included in my deck, and I would recommend that you try it out in your deck too!

            Thanks for reading!

            What do you think about Muk, and what Pokémon card do want next? Feel free to day so in the comments below!

            Make Wikipedia Look Great with Wikiwand!

            Wikiwand is a chrome extension to make Wikipedia look great.

            What a page looks like when loaded

            We all use Wikipedia (even if we’re not meant to). It’s a great source for researching for homework, essays or just for looking up things that interest you.

            I was always slightly off-put when using Wikipedia due to its ugly looks. Some may find it fine, but I found it off-putting. Wikiwand changed that. It still allows you to access Wikipedia’s features, but it makes it look great. There is an easy to use table at the side, and the article is in the centre. You can still access links on the page, and access the Wikipedia tools. You also get the option to change it back to the normal Wikipedia view, and this can be done by clicking on the Wikipedia logo that can be seen on the bottom right.

            All in all, Wikiwand is a great way to make Wikipedia look great, whilst retaining its functionality. I would recommend you try it out.

            Feel free to have your say in the comments below, or contact me if you have any questions!